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Geometric Design

We create brand stories that catch the quick attention of your prospects and make you unique from your competition.

Graphic Design Agency in Chennai India

We don't do different things,
we do things differently!

Kaviya Design is a professional graphic design agency in Chennai, India, focused on building innovative and outstanding designs for your brand. We specialize in brand design, logo design, Marketing/Sales presentation design, and brochure design services.


We think that graphic designs are not just about lines, colours, patterns, and themes but it is all about how we as experienced graphic designers empathize with you and take a deep dive into understanding the purpose of your business and the problem that you try to solve for your clients.


Be it an email, phone, or face-to-face interaction we might tend to miss the important piece of information about your business that might play a key role while we work on various graphic design projects, so we make sure that we cross-check and re-cross-check our understanding with you and only then proceed with our graphic design project work.

Logo Design

Logo plays a vital role in your business. Logo is your brand ambassador who speaks to your customers and competitors before even your marketing and sales team can pitch in. You might need an innovative and outstanding logo that makes a dashing impression in the minds of your target audience. This level of logo design can only be designed by the best and most professional logo designers who are crazy and can go beyond boundaries and craft an outstanding logo that can create a lasting impact and drive customers.

Brochure Design

In this digital era, advanced and sophisticated online marketing tools are available to attract prospects. But why do you think brochures are still the first choice while presenting info about your product and services at various trade shows and events?


Brand Design Portfolio

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