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What is the impact of the Heartbleed issue on e-Commerce Website?

One of the most shocking developments in recent times regarding online data security and safety is the Heartbleed exploit. The success of e-commerce websites has always been built on the trust and confidence customers can have in the quality of safety and data security that is on offer. A lot of people have been badly shaken by incidents of data theft and a lot of companies are now trying their best to control the damage as Heartbleed has caused considerable harm, letting attackers walk away with important user information and causing major security leaks with many e-commerce companies.

Heartbleed uses a fatal flaw in the OpenSSL security encryption protocol to steal sensitive user information. Since e-commerce websites must have a provision for online payments and it is next to impossible to have a setup of online payments without implementing SSL encryption, most e-commerce websites have been directly affected by this issue.

Heartbleed Explained
For all e-commerce websites that use the OpenSSL encryption protocol for data protection of important business transactions that happen online, Heartbleed has proven to be a menace that needs immediate redress. Essentially, it uses a function from the standard SSL library called heartbeat to send a malicious message to our target computer. This allows the attacker to gain access to parts of the private memory of a web server. The private memory of a web server is what stores sensitive user information which can contain credit card numbers, Private Security Keys, and even passwords. Millions of e-commerce websites are currently reeling from the effect of Heartbleed and are trying their best to take evasive action so that safety and security can be restored to their services.


The Impact of Heartbleed
Overall, Heartbleed has proven to be a major problem for the entire e-commerce industry. Right after the first few incidents of data theft using Heartbleed, users started to question the quality of data security and integrity of e-commerce websites. Since then, millions of websites and scores of people have found themselves at the receiving end of Heartbleed attacks. This has resulted in major losses for both parties. While e-commerce users have developed a fear of their sensitive information being stolen and misused, e-commerce companies have started losing customers.

Even with the implementation of corrective measures with the view to alleviate the problem, e-commerce companies now face a mammoth task. They now need to win back the trust of scared customers and restore their faith and confidence in the security system which has been proven to be prone to malicious attacks.

The good news is that most e-commerce portals have already implemented the necessary security measures to stop the Heartbleed exploit or are in the middle of that process. Not only will this give e-commerce users the confidence to shop online again, but it also addresses a major security concern in one of the most popularly used Internet encryption protocol systems and therefore makes it safer and more secure.

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