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UX Design Agency Chennai India

We craft intelligent designs to optimize experiences for your Brand, Customers, and Employees.

Your User Experience Research and Design Partner

We are a professional User Experience and User Interface design agency based in Chennai, India. We pay attention to each detail of your project, be it your customer who might decide to buy your product or the user who would use your products to have solutions for various customer problems.

What is Design Thinking?

Design Thinking is a process that urges one to understand the user's problem. Design thinking has five stages - empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. With the fast advancement of technology and business environments, it becomes mandatory for any business to be more agile in its product development stages. Here is where a design thinking process based on a human-centric approach can help product companies offer an apt solution for problems in various industries.

Our Approach

We sincerely practice using a design thinking process that involves detailed research, empathizing and understanding the users, capturing the real problem, brainstorming and generating various possible solutions, coming out with prototypes, and testing the proposed solution with the end users.

UX Case Study


Partner Portal

Web Portal for Training Partners

CollabNet Partner Portal was developed for Training Partners of both CollabNet and  VersionOne Companies to add their training courses on this portal and promote their business.

UX Research, UX/UI Design & Project Management

Help partners to have an interactive and dynamic portal to effectively manage their online training courses.

Partner Website Home Page


Mobile App for Laundry Services

WashnRinse provides the best and most professional laundry services in Chennai to give their clients freedom from the laundry at an affordable cost.

UX Research and UX/UI Design

To develop a Mobile App for WashnRinse Users to book dry cleaning and laundry services in a few clicks and get the required service done from their doorstep.

Wash-n-Rinse Mobile Home

SK Restaurant

Web Experience for a Restaurant

How might restaurant owners create engaging experiences for their customers, so that they become the preferred place to dine or eat out?

UX Research and UX/UI Design

As a restaurant owner, I want to create engaging and memorable experiences for my customers, so that my restaurant becomes the best-preferred place to dine or eat out.

Sk Restaurant Home Page
SK Restaurant
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