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Partner Portal

How can we offer a common web portal for training Partners of CollabNet and VersionOne to independently create an account and start updating training courses on their own?

CollabNet Partner Portal Mobile View


CollabNet (CN):
CollabNet VersionOne is the Enterprise Value Stream Management leader that accelerates high-value software development and delivery while improving quality and reducing risk. CN also offers both private and public Agile, SAFe®, and Scrum interactive courses.

VersionOne (V1):
VersionOne helps organizations scale enterprise-wide agility. VersionOne offers comprehensive courses for scrum masters, coaches, and team leaders that guide them through how to use VersionOne to set up & plan their program increments, and sprints.


Project Context:
When CollabNet acquired VersionOne, there was confusion on both the User (Training Partners) side about where to create an account and update their upcoming training courses. So the management decided to create a new Partner Portal to avoid confusion and facilitate both CN and V1 Users to keep their courses up to date and promote all their training through this new portal.

The goal of this project was to develop a common web portal for both CollabNet and VersionOne Training Partners so that they can create an account, and profile, update their training schedule, and start promoting their Training Courses through this new portal.

Web Director
My Role:
UX Research, UX/UI Designer & 
Project Manager
Oct 2019 to Jan 2020

New Partner Portal:

Methods & Tools:
Interviews, Research, Competitive Analysis,
Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Drupal 8, and MS-Office

SCRUM, Agile Project Management, User Research, UX and UI Design

Kalai - Sr. Drupal Developer
Kumar - Front-end Developer
Anitha - Quality Analyst
Vinith - UI Designer


Design Thinking Process


Interview with Training Partners:
To understand the User challenges, we conducted around 6 telephonic interviews with both CN and V1 partners and jotted down the following challenges faced by training partners:

CollabNet User Journey
VersionOne User Journey



Michael Jones (CollabNet User)
40, Scrum & Agile Trainer, Columbia, United States

What is the Problem?
1. I am not comfortable accessing this training portal on a mobile device
2. My email approval from Admin to become a Partner takes too much time
3. The manual process of getting courses updated through admin is time-consuming and affects my business

What needs to be accomplished?
1. I want the training portal to be fully responsive to mobile device
2. I want to avoid the manual process to become a partner on the new portal
3. I want to add New Courses and Edit Old Courses on my Own without Admin dependency


Eric Walter (VersionOne User)
43, Certified Scrum Trainer, Dallas, TX, United States

What is the Problem?
1. After acquisition I am confused if I still need to update my courses on this old V1 portal
2. I don’t have the option to update Training Courses on my own
3. I don't have a feature to update my Company Logo on the Directory Listing Page

What needs to be accomplished?
1. I want a brand new partner portal which will avoid the confusion between CN and V1 portals
2. I need an interface to manage courses on my own without depending on Admin
3. I want to edit/update my profile and get my Company Logo listed on the Directory Listing page

Problem Statement

CollabNet and VersionOne training partners are frustrated with their respective training portals which do not allow them to independently manage their profile and training course schedule on time, which affects new registrations and business.



After brainstorming with the team we derived the following solutions for the given specific problems faced by the Training Partners.

“As CollabNet has acquired VersionOne, should I still continue updating my new courses on the VersionOne site?”


We can design and develop a new training portal that focuses on fixing the existing issues seen on old training portals. This new portal can be launched under a brand new subdomain - Till then Users of both CN and V1 can continue with the current process.

“Manual process of getting courses updated through admin is time-consuming and affects my business”


The New Training Portal will be fully automated and dynamic in nature so that users can log in themselves update their new course schedule and avoid losing new registrants.

“After I register, Admin approval to enroll me as a Partner takes too much time.”

We can develop an email alert module that will alert the admin with an email whenever there is a new account request from Partner. Also, a notification can be set within the Admin Panel.

“I do not have an option for me to update my Company Logo on the Directory Listing Page:

We can develop a “Directory Listing Module” on Drupal so that the Users can edit/update their profile and get their Company Logo listed on the Directory Listing page.

“I am not comfortable accessing this current training portal on a mobile device”


We can develop the new training portal on the Drupal 8 platform, where the mobile responsive feature is added as default.



Based on the proposed solutions we started creating Wireframes and got the flow approval from the management to proceed with the high-fidelity designs.

Login Page
Training Schedule Page
Add New Course Page

Solving User Problems

Solving User Problems
Login Page
Search Page
Add New Course
Manage Training Pages
Directory Listings


Testing on Stage:
We tested this portal with 4 main Training Partners. Apart from the minor issues, we found the following two major issues that need to be fixed before the site goes live.

Pain Point - 1
"Lapsed courses are not getting archived from the Training Schedule page”

We developed custom modules on Drupal that identified the completed courses and archived them automatically.

Pain Point - 2
"My upcoming courses are not getting approved by admin on time on this new portal”

We developed an email notification module for Admin so that whenever Admin is not logged into the portal, he will be intimated through an email alert to approve the pending courses.


Final Testing on Stage:
We fixed the above issues, showed the demo to the management team, and got approval to push the new portal to live. We did all our internal testing before pushing this portal from stage to live.


Ready to Push from Stage to Live:
After the final testing was done, we pushed all stage files to live. We did another round of testing internally on the live site, fixed the minor issues, and made an announcement to the management about the live site.

Our Learning

As we had a very tight deadline we did not have the opportunity to completely follow the design thinking process. The design and development part of this portal was done in parallel. A few minor issues could have been identified and fixed at the design stage if we could have followed the design thinking process. 

Team Work

Great Job by the Team!
I really feel great to be part of this awesome Team. We have been through all the pressure, challenges, and constraints, but in the end, the Team really cooperated well and we were able to launch this project on time. 

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