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How might restaurant owners create engaging experiences for their customers, so that they become the preferred place to dine or eat out?

SK Restaurant Home Page

Please Note

I want to perform this UX design challenge by assuming that I am the owner of SK Restaurant. All elements involved in creating the design process, research, persona, journey maps, and design solutions to the user problems are purely based on my own assumptions.


The number of customer walk-ins to my restaurant has drastically dropped and has affected my business heavily.
As a restaurant owner, I want to create engaging and memorable experiences for my customers, so that my restaurant becomes the best-preferred place to dine or eat out.

Target Users:
IT professionals who wanted to have an engaging experience during their Lunch with Team.

UX Research & UX/UI Design
3 Days

Methods & Tools:
User research with an online meeting
Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator

User Research, UX, and UI Design


Design Thinking


A survey with 10 frequent customers was done through Google Forms. The questions were based on their dining experience with SK Restaurant. The responses were collected in the form of multiple-choice questions and quick answers to get more insight into their experience with the restaurant.

I conducted a 10-minute face-to-face interview with the 6 customers. The questions were framed to get into the core experience of the users  - before, during, and after dining or eating in the restaurant.

Research Statistics:
60% of the customers did not recollect any fun or memorable events during their dining
15% of the customers felt that the waiting time to get their order placed on the table was too long
15% of the customers felt that the restaurant used a traditional way of accepting payment
10% of the customers felt that they did not have a good experience during the entry and exit stages


User Persona






Suresh is an IT professional and a Project Manager who frequently visits various restaurants during quarterly meetings, team lunches, and other events. He loves to have delicious food and memorable experiences during dining. He feels that most of the time the local restaurants offer the same type of food with no exciting experience. He is exploring a new restaurant that can offer him tasty/healthy food, a safe environment, and a very engaging experience that can add to his pleasant memories.


Goal-oriented and wants to get things done on time


Explore new restaurants, try a variety of foods, and have fun


Pain Points:
1. The dining experience is very formal and boring
2. No fun or memorable moments
3. Order delivery time is too long
4. Traditional payment system
5. No pleasant experience during entry and exit point

1. To have a creative and interesting dining experience
2. To have lots of fun and memorable experience
3. To get the order placed on time during dining
4. To avoid waiting time during payment
5. To have a hassle-free experience at restaurant entry and exit points

User Persona

Suresh Kumar


Age: 35
Marital Status: Married
Education: M.Sc in Computer Science
Location: Guindy, Chennai

Company: CollabNet Software Pvt Ltd
Designation: Project Manager

Customer Journey Map

To find the areas of opportunities and ideas, I planned to use journey mapping. This customer journey map will help to track all the activities that a customer performs to accomplish his goals. Based on this mapping, I could prioritize and see the ways in which the customer experience can be enhanced.

Naveen Kumar
40, Creative Director
Loves food and wants to have lots of fun during his outing with the Team for lunch.

Naveen wanted to try a new restaurant for this quarterly Team Lunch and decided to try out SK Restaurant. Naveen logs in to the SK Restaurant website and books the lunch slot (1:00 PM) for 9 members.

Naveen wants to have lots of fun, and create pleasant memories with the Team during this Team Lunch at the restaurant, and at the same time, he wants to wrap things up and get back to work on time.

Customer Journey Map


Self - Brainstorming

Based on the customer needs and pain points, the HMW (How Might We?) process will help me to kickstart my ideation process, find appropriate solutions, and provide an effective design solution on my website to provide our customers an engaging and pleasant experience. 

1. How might we serve our customers with pick-up and drop services at our restaurant?


An option to choose “pick-up and drop service required” can be placed while Booking a Table for lunch or dinner

2. How might we connect our website payment system with our customer’s credit card?


While booking the table, an option can be provided to the Customer to tag his Credit Card for online payment, so that the payment can be deducted automatically from his CC account and he can be free from the hassle of swiping the card in the restaurant.

3. How might we take orders from our customers in advance and serve the dishes without delay?


While the customer is booking the table online, he can book the dishes in advance from the menu for the day, so that the food can be made ready while the customer is on the way to the restaurant. This can reduce customer waiting time.

4. How might we surprise customers and plan some engaging events on their special day?


A. The “Moments” menu on the website can help us to collect the special day info from Customers
B. Having Customer's special occasion dates handy will help us to plan some engaging events on their special day
C. Customers can also add special dates of their close and loved ones too



I used Adobe XD to design these wireframes to have a visual idea of the flow

Home Page Wireframe
Customer Login Page
Moments Page UI Design
Book a Table UI Design


Book a Table
Memorable Moments
Customer Login

Solving User Problems

I have now addressed those 4 Ideas of how to engage customers through our design solution

1. Pick-up & Drop Services

How can we serve our customers with pick-up and drop services to our restaurant?

Pick Up Drop

2. Tagging Customer Credit Card

How can we connect our website payment system with our customer’s credit card?

Credit Card

3.  Take Orders Online in Advance

How can we take orders from our customers in advance and serve the dishes without delay?

Advance Orders

4. Surprise Customers on their Special Day

How can we surprise customers and plan some engaging events on their special day?

Moments Page Design
Engaging Events Capturing
Loved One Special Dates Capture
Sk Restaurant Home Page UI Design


Customer Experience Testing

Once the prototype is completed, I shall test the same with at least 10 Customers of different age groups like 20 to 25, 25 to 35, and 35 to 45, and observe their behavioral patterns and pain points.

Based on my observation analytics and data, I shall rate the level of engagement that the customer has with this portal for each of the features introduced and see how I can further enhance the engagement experience for our Customers.

Next Steps

Start working from the Ideate stage

I shall first fix all priority issues and pain points addressed by the Customers and look for further opportunities and ideas to engage the customers deeply and improve my restaurant business.

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