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Busy working professionals do not find time to wash clothes on their own due to their busy work schedules.

WashnRinse Mobile App


WashnRinse provides high-quality dry cleaning, laundry, and ironing services to the Chennai localities. Though WashnRinse had its own Company website, they were losing about 35% of services booking those who are mobile users. Hence the company decided to launch its own Mobile App for its Users.


Users were not able to book the laundry services from their mobile devices. Every time the User needed to log in to the company website to book the dry cleaning and laundry service requirements.
A Mobile App for Users to book the cleaning and laundry service in few clicks and get the required service done from their doorstep.

Target Users:
Busy working professionals who reach late home and have very little time to spend with family.

My Role:
UX Research & UX/UI Design
Aug to Oct 2020


Methods & Tools:
User research with an online meeting
Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator

SCRUM, Agile Project Management, User Research, UX and UI Design

Bala - Web Designer
Veini - Quality Analyst


Design Thinking Process


Interview with Target Users:
We conducted telephone interviews with 4 users who live in different parts of the Chennai Area, like Anna Nagar, Tambaram, Redhills, Avadi, and gathered the following User insights.

Remote Interview with Target Users

Pain Points

Understanding the pain points from the User's point of view:
We converted the User pain points into a simple question format to bring more clarity and to focus on the solution for a specific problem.

User Pain Points








Kavin is a hard worker and he gives more importance to his career growth. As a Software Engineer, he has been involved in multiple projects with tight deadline. After long hours in the office, he gets very little time to relax during the weekdays and does not have much time to socialize with his friends during weekends as he needs to wash, dry, and iron his clothes during weekends. He lives with his old mother and cannot depend on her to wash his clothes. He did try with a few laundries but managing the time with them was really hectic.  


1. More organized 

2. Goal-oriented and wants to complete the task on time

3. Very keen on learning and exploring other interesting hobbies


1. Good progress in career growth

2. Socialize with friends during weekends

3. Have more time to explore other interesting hobbies


Pain Point:
1. Balancing office work and personal work
2. I hate ironing my clothes as it is time-consuming
3. Not able to pick up the delivery while I am in the office
4. No proper treatment is provided for expensive clothes
5. Needed to have a quality cleaning

1. Need special instructions on how my premium clothes will be treated
2. I should have additional and easy payment options
3. Should be able to track pick up and drop time
4. Want to confirm that the clothes delivered has all the items given for laundry

User Persona

Kavin Kumar

Age: 28

Marital Status: Single

Education: MS IT
Job: Software Engineer

Location: Kolathur, Chennai

Family: Lives with his Mom

Problem Statement

Busy working professionals do not find time to wash clothes on their own due to their busy work schedules.



After brainstorming with the team, we derived the following solutions for the given specific problems faced by the Users.

"How about treatment for expensive clothes with tough stains?"


Instructions need to be provided to Users on treatment for each cloth while adding the laundry list.

"What if I don't carry my card or don't have enough cash to pay during delivery?"

Users should have an option to add additional money to their wallets in advance.

How can I track the estimated pick-up and drop time?


Notifications to Users need to be provided with the service executive's contact number.

How can I verify that all the clothes given for laundry are delivered back?


Users need to have the option to verify/confirm that all clothes given for laundry are back with the correct numbers.

User Flow

Before getting into the rough sketch, we wanted to develop a simple user flow chart to identify if we have any roadblocks and if the design flow is feasible.

Flow Chart


Rough Sketch:

Based on the flow chart we did a rough sketch to get the initial flow of the app.



We used Adobe XD to design these wireframes to have a visual idea of the flow


Giving life to the idea

The next step was to design a clean and neat user interface based on the wireframes. I decided to use very minimalistic colors that match with WashnRinse brand. I used a white background, greys for text, and picked up blue and pink from the logo to have a sense of uniform brand identity throughout this mobile app.

Colour Palette

Colour Palette



Solving User Problems

We have now addressed those 4 main pain points of the Users

1. Get Special Instructions

"How about treatment for expensive clothes with tough stains?"


2. Add Money to My Wallet

What if I don't carry my card or have enough cash to pay during delivery?

Add Money to Wallet

3. Track My Orders

How can I track the estimated pick up and drop time?

Track Pick Up

4. Order Verification

How can I verify that all the clothes given for laundry are delivered back?

Verify the Order


User Experience Testing

Once the initial version of the app was created, we tested the flow with 3 remote users. They were invited to test the app for a duration of 4 to 6 days and fill out the online survey form to evaluate the performance of the app.



1. User was not given an option to log in with their social media accounts

Social media icons to be displayed on the login screen for users to use social media credentials to log into the app

2. Users were not given an option to provide feedback after using WashnRinse Service.

Take the User to the feedback form screen once he/she confirms the order & and verification.

3. Users were not able to cancel the order and in case of any emergency

"Cancel My Order" needs to be available on the "My Order page" for Users to cancel the order at any point in time.

Our Learning

The face-to-face interview really matters!

As the user experience was conducted remotely, we learned that we missed the essence of observing the user experience on this app by having a face-to-face interview.

Next Steps

Develop the next set of features
We need to fix the User requirements that were observed during our testing phase.

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