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Kaviya Designs is a Web Design Agency in Chennai, India. We have served various corporates and small business enterprises for their Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Services. As a Website Design Agency in Chennai, we offer the most cost-effective quality Web Design Services in Chennai and throughout India, the UK, the USA, Singapore, and Australia.

With the fast-growing trend in technology, distance has never been a bottleneck for us to get on the call and understand the project requirements of our clients. We do our best to draw a clean line between our customer's feature requirements and assumptions. We have created our footprints in various parts of the world like the UK, USA, Australia, Kuwait, Canada, California, Dubai, and Singapore for their corporate and business-related websites.

First Impression!

Marketing specialists claim that surfing visitors will form an impression of an online business within a few seconds, so the information, text, and image presentation must be of the highest quality. If your pages do project a professional image, your prospective visitors will trust they are dealing with a legitimate business and go on to explore your products and services deeply.

website process

Web Design and Development Process

01. Requirement Analysis

The requirement analysis is the first step that we take into consideration during the web development process. We need to get into the nerves of the client to understand their requirement in detail. We prepare Minutes of the Meeting (MOM) along with our Scope and understanding of the project, Assumptions, Clarifications, and suggestions on each project. The client would provide their input on these points and from there we take things forward.

02. Building Specification

Spec building is a very important aspect in dealing with dynamic projects. After analyzing the requirements, we normally provide the specs of the project. If it is a website development project, then we take into consideration the overall structure of the site, graphic user interface, navigation structure, front end, and back-end tools to be used, etc., Once this is done, we proceed towards preparing the proposal which would include, project outline, project cost and schedule for the project delivery.

03. Design and Development

Once the project is declared and the initial deposit has been made, we start working on the prototype design for the website. During the process, there would be some suggestions from both the end on various design elements. We normally give options of two prototype designs to the clients and once that is selected, we proceed with html conversion for the same. The next step would be inserting the content for static pages and start working on the dynamic part of the website on other hand.

04. Content Writing

Content writing plays a very important role in the website development life cycle. We have very professional and experienced content writers who can write content based on each industry. Spell check and grammar check would be done and then implemented into the web pages.

05. Website Coding

Its time for us now when the website designer and the developer would work hand in hand to make this project a success. Developer would implement the code into the design without disturbing the design. And the designer on other hand would closely work with the developer and supply all the design elements needed

06. Website Testing

Now the testing team would come into the scene and start their work to make the website development project an error free website. Testing team would have the bug tracking system in place and keep shooting the errors available with the application and on other hand both designers and developers would fix all the errors available with application.

07. Website Promotion

Once the website project is complete and now its time for us to spend some time on making this website available with various search engines. The website elements should be optimized in such a way that it is getting listed in various major search engines like Google, Bing and other search engines. Top ranking keywords and Meta Tags need to be inserted in all the pages of the site.

08. Maintenance & Updates

Website updating need to be done very frequently to keep the website live. Whenever we do the modification on the website, the development life cycle need to be repeated again. For a huge website, it is recommended that you have the Web design, Web development, testing and copywriters in-house to do update the website frequently without time loss.

Web Design Portfolio


Corporate Website Redesign Services

For a corporate company, we understand the various factors that would be considered before deciding on the website redesign. On one hand, you wanted to redesign your current website to make it more professional, adapt to make it Mobile Responsive, also have your customers click straight to the information that they are looking for. It should not take more than two clicks for your customers to search for the products or services that they are specifically looking for.


With our Unique and professional corporate website redesign services, we are sure that we would be able to offer you a website that can speak about your products and services on your behalf and close more sales for your business. So, if you are looking for a flexible friendly, and fast-growing web designing agency, then Kaviya Designs can be your right choice.

Let's collaborate to create a lead-generating machine!

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